Our Storefront located at 14816 Stony Plain RD.

Tel. 780.244.0885

Takeout Menu

Marinated Roast 1/4 Chicken With Lemon Roasted Potatoes and Tzatziki $9.50

Slow Roasted N.Z. Lamb Shank with lemon roasted potatoes and tzatziki $13.50

Dry 1/2 rack of Ribs with lemon roasted potatoes and tzatziki $11.50

Spanakopita $2.50

Keftedes (Beef, Pork and bacon meatballs) $7

Dolmades $7

Moussaka $7.50

Lemon Roasted Potatoes $4.95

Greek Village Salad Sm. $5.75 M $11.75 Lg. $16.75

Pita Bread with Dip Combo $7.49

Pita Bread (2pcs) $3

Tzatziki $6

Homous $6

Red Pepper and Feta $6

Spicy Feta $6

Bacalva $1.95

Pita Sandwiches

 Herb Roasted Chicken with Cherry Tomato,Tzatziki, Cucumber Feta and Dill $10

Keftedes with Pickled onion, Tzatziki and Cherry Tomato $10

Falafel with Tahini Lemon Dressing Pickled onion and Cabbage $9 N.Z.

Lamb Shank with Babaganouj, Cucumber Feta and Dill and Pickled Cabbage $13


Greek Salad $3.50

Lemon Roasted Potatoes $2.50


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